Building our first
Rare Earth Element separation plant

Our vision

Environmentally friendly and efficient production of rare earth elements for the green energy transition

Building the first
separation plant

REEtec has developed a completely new and game changing process for manufacturing high quality rare earth elements (REE). The company has secured financing to build the first industrial plant and the construction is now under way at Herøya, Porsgrunn.

The technology, which has an extraordinary green footprint, has been proven through operating an industrial scale demo-plant since 2019.  

Through the latest financing round, LKAB, the international mining and minerals group, is the largest shareholder in REEtec.

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REEtec offers high quality rare earth products. The portfolio covers most oxides and nitrates at different purity levels. All products are well documented through extensive chemical analysis. Offers can be obtained by contacting

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REEtec - from lab to
industrial production

The company has proven the separation technology from laboratory, via a successful operation of a pilot unit and an industrial scale demo-plant which has been up and running since 2019. A full scale industrial plant is now under construction.

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Rare earth elements

Rare earth elements are essential parts of many high-tech devices.

Of particular importance are the rare earth magnets used in electric cars and wind generators. These rare earths are crucial for the green energy transition.

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Team members

The REEtec team is dedicated to establish and operate an industrial Rare Earth separation plant at Herøya, Norway.

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