REEtec - from lab to
industrial production

REEtec has developed a completely new and game changing process for manufacturing of high purity rare earth elements (REE). The company has proven the technology from the laboratory, via a successful operation of a pilot unit and an industrial scale demo-plant which has been up and running since 2019. A full scale industrial plant is being constructed and is planned ready for production in Q4 2024.

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Analysing the quality of the produced products is essencial to further delevelop REEtec's production process. (Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg)

REEtec has successfully scaled the technology from laboratory to industrial production. Based on the experience gathered from running a pilot unit for four years, the company completed and has been operating an industrial scale demo unit at Herøya Industrial Park.The project hss been receiving support from the Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway.

Herøya Industrial Park is the perfect location for REEtec, with its industrial infrastructure, industrial partners and sub-contractors, local skills and services readily available.

Fra mesaninen
Full scale production has been demonstrated at the pilotplant. (Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg)

The development of REEtec’s novel technology derives from an innovative, Norwegian chemistry community which through dedicated research has succeeded in bringing this new technology forward. The process combines high efficiency and competitive cost structure with best in class environmentally friendliness.

This means that REEtec recovers and re-utilizes virtually all consumables in the production process.The energy demand is very low and electricity consumption is based 100 % on hydro-electric sources. REEtec’s technology allows us to produce high quality products with a much smaller impact on the environment than any conventional rare earth separation process.

Recovery of vital consumables is essential to REEtec. (Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg)

REEtec is privately owned

REEtec is a privately owned company established in 2008 by Scatec Innovation AS, which is still the second largest shareholder (19.6%). The Swedish minerals company LKAB is the largest shareholder (33.7%), with Nysnø Klimainvesteringer, Techmet and Mercuria holding 7.7% each. Roht Invest, where Christian Ringnes is a profiled shareholder, and Brennebu AS, part of the Cappelen group from Ulefoss, as well as Bergfald Holding also hold significant shares.