Building for the future

From the successful development and scaling of the new technology, REEtec is now constructing its first industrial separation plant located at Herøya, Norway. At present, production equipment is being installed.

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Herøya is the perfect location for REEtec with all the necessary industrial infrastructure available. The planned plant in light green. (Illustration: Børve Borchsenius Arkitekter AS)

REEtec has worked with its proprietary separation technology since 2008, and has matured it for industrial production.

Energy efficient recycling of separation fluids. (Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg)

The REEtec process combines high efficiency and competitive cost structure with best in class environmentally friendliness.  An important element in the process is that virtually all consumables are recovered and re-utilized. The energy demand is also very low and electricity consumption is based 100 % on hydro-electric sources from Norway's green grid. REEtec’s technology allows us to produce high quality products in a very efficient way and with a much smaller impact on the environment than any conventional rare earth separation process.

Construction of the plant progressing well

Construction of the plant is well under way and the scheduled planned start-up will be in the late fall of 2024. At present equipment is being installed.

Equipment is being installed at REEtec's new plant at Herøy.